Founded in 2014 in Sedona, Arizona by Jay S. and William S., the Symposium was envisioned as a place where scholars and lovers of A.A. history could share current discoveries based on primary and archival research. After four years in Sedona, the torch was passed on to a new generation of A.A. historians. 

2019 - Symposium V - los altos, CA

  • A.A. on North American Reservations

  • Dr. Bob’s Letters

  • Bill's "Spook" Sessions

  • Early Group Problems

  • The Debate over Special Purpose Groups

  • Varieties of Spiritual Experience

  • The Untold Story of A.A. in San Quentin Prison

  • “Alcohólicos Anónimos” Carrying the Message to the Spanish-Speaking World

2017 - Symposium IV - Sedona, AZ

  • Bill W.’s White Light Experience

  • History of Cocaine Anonymous

  • Ebby’s Story

  • Women in A.A.: 1939 to the Present

  • Hank P.: the Co-Founder Who Drank

  • A History of the Young People’s Movement in A.A.

  • Richmond Walker & the Twenty-Four Hour-a-Day Book

  • The Debt A.A. Owes to the Rockefellers

  • Videography, a Historians Tool

2016 - Symposium III - sedona, az

  • Agnostica: Bringing A.A. to the Unbeliever

  • “King” Charles Towns of New York City

  • A Candid View of the “Lady Lush” Marty M.

  • An Interview with Rt. Rev. Ward Ewing

  • From Psychic to Psychedelic: Bill W. at the Frontiers of Consciousness

  • “In Their Own Words”: The Recovery of People of Color & LGBTQ in Early A.A.

  • June, 1945, Bill W. Resigns; Now What Happens?

  • Lois W. and her Legacy at Stepping Stones

  • A New Pair of Goggles: The Spread of A.A. Internationally by the Armed Forces

  • Persistent Urban Legends in A.A.

  • A Virtual Tour of “Wilson House” in Dorset, VT

2015 - Symposium II - Sedona, AZ

  • Passing It On: The Creation of Narcotics Anonymous

  • “History” Means Telling an Evidence-based Story

  • Bill W. Fights for Alcoholic Majority

  • How Many of the First 100 Stayed Sober?

  • Interview with Mel B.

  • Dubious Sources and Myths in A.A. History

  • Crafting the Serenity Prayer

  • Rewriting the Big Book 4th Edition

  • Sam Shoemaker and A.A.'s Beginnings

  • Akron’s Two Jewels: Dr. Bob's House and the Akron Intergroup Archives

  • Bill W.: The Early Years

2014 - Symposium I - Sedona, AZ

  • Uncovering Rowland Hazard

  • Whatever Happened to the Oxford Group?

  • What Did They Really Say?

  • What Were Those Two Early AA Meetings Like?

  • In From the Cold: Father Ed Dowling

  • The New York Atheist

  • Show Me the Money: Bill W.'s Finances

  • Archival Treasures